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3 services stopped displaying the number of "Lake" .. Know them

Recently, a number of social media and other services have removed the number of lycas on various publications or videos, for a number of reasons, most notably the psychological factor, as described by some of these platforms.

Facebook is studying it
Facebook is preparing to hide the number of "Lake" in an attempt to preserve the mental health of its users, the company confirmed that it is a feature, and according to the site "Daily Mail" British, it is expected to give users the ability to see a list of likes on their own posts, but they can not see the number of posts Others.

The platform says it is part of an effort to make users feel happier amid fears that social media could contribute to low self-esteem and feelings of inappropriate youth.

Instagram hides the number of Lake already
Instagram users around the world have witnessed a huge change in the application. A lot of likes, the user will upload a picture and see the number of "like" it receives, but no one will know.

According to the US site engadget, the platform seeks through this concealment to get users to focus on the content displayed instead of a counter, which would help the platform to increase the level of interaction on the content published both from short videos or images.

YouTube stops showing the number of channel followers
Also, in an effort to ease the pressure on the creators, YouTube decided to change the way the number of followers in the account is displayed starting in September, and quoting the site "Engadget" practical site will provide a short statistics of the number of subscribers, for example if the creator has 1234567 subscribers will see that the number Is only 1.23 million subscribers.

Commenting on the update, YouTube said: “Besides providing more consistency, this addresses the originator's concerns about stress and well-being, specifically about tracking subscribers in real time. It is a positive step for the community for all who watch and create content. ”


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