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A smart headset that allows you to speak more than 40 languages

Start-up timekettle has announced the production of a new speaker called WT2 Plus, which translates into 40 languages.

The new headset helps understand speakers in any language, using the Android or iOS app and the WT2 Plus earphones work by clicking on them.The speaker automatically selects the language and translates the conversation instantly.

The company said the new handset would be ideal for business people who often find themselves meeting with peers in other countries.


  1. Thanks for sharing this informative article. By the way, has this smart headset been sold in the market?

    1. Yes, you can download them on Android and ios

    2. Thanks this a good gadget for you

  2. Wahouuu!
    Very nice innovation to speak to his interlocutor in French and him in English and you understand without speaking the same language, I say bravo. Had to think about it.

  3. This is the first time i see something like this it's such an amazing and smart i really need it because i travel alot and i suffered from communicating with people this will save me thanks for sharing this


  4. definitely an excellent innovation, really useful for people who have relationships of any kind around the world, breaks down barriers ..

  5. wow this headset is awesome i love to use it

  6. Woow ... its make life easier I love it

  7. I really need one from these. Very good headset!


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