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A survey reveals that Netflix customers will not migrate to competing services anytime soon

When competing services like Disney + and Apple TV + were announced with cheaper prices than Netflix imposed on their customers, everyone began to feel as if Netflix would have trouble in the future. However, it has recently become clear that things are not going that way, at least that's what a new poll suggests.

According to research by Piper Jaffray, it found that about 75 percent of Netflix customers surveyed said they would not abandon Netflix and move to Disney + or Apple TV. According to analyst Michael Olson, he said: “Our survey indicates that the majority of Netflix subscribers do not intend to subscribe to Disney + or Apple TV. For those who expect to use one of these services, the vast majority also expect to retain their subscription to Netflix. ”

However, it should be noted that this is a relatively small survey since about 1,500 Netflix subscribers were surveyed. It is quite possible that when Apple TV + and Disney are launched, things change, but for now, Netflix is ​​still safe. However, it is not surprising that the results of this poll are this way.

This is because Apple and Disney have not yet been able to prove their existence in terms of content, so we will have to wait and wait just before the facts unfold.

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