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An app designed to steal Android users has been downloaded over 40 million times

A group of security researchers have found an Android app that has been downloaded more than 40 million times from PlayStore, which conducts suspicious transactions without the knowledge of its users, according to a report from the Upstream security platform of Secure-D.

According to the TOI website, Snaptube, which allows users to download videos from YouTube for offline viewing, offers invisible ads, conducting more than 70 million suspicious transactions from 4.4 million different devices in just six months.

Secure-D has been able to block these transactions, which it claims will cost users up to $ 91 million in unwanted premium fees. Upstream says users in Brazil, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and South Africa are the hardest hit by the ongoing attacks.

Guy Krief, CEO of Upstream, says: “When you install the app, it works undercover and clicks on ads. Nothing appears on the phone screens, as the video app is literally a screen for suspicious activity in the background.” We would like to advise anyone using the Snaptube app to view their phone bills carefully and report to their operator any subscriptions or fees they did not allow.

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