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Facebook launches a news service for local and national news

US social networking giant Facebook has launched a news service that will provide users with selected news at the national and local levels, the company said Friday.

The Facebook News service was tested by a group of mobile app users in the United States starting Friday with the application planned further early next year.

The move is the latest change for the social media giant in its approach to the press after it has been criticized in the past for the way it treats misinformation and misinformation on its platform.

Facebook said a small team of journalists would pick the headlines that appear in the "Today's News" section, while the algorithm would determine the quality of the news based on user interests.

"When we started talking to news organizations about the construction of Facebook News earlier this year, I confirmed that the original news setup is more expensive and is better known by seasoned journalists about algorithmic calculations," Facebook said in announcing the feature.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Facebook would pay license fees to several of its media partners, including the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, The Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times and Fox News.

The decision may be in response to complaints that tech giants are earning revenue from news announcements while paying nothing for articles on their platforms.

Facebook did not disclose who will be paid or the amount.

Facebook News intends to show the headlines of news sites, bringing users who click on them to the publisher's website.

The company said it aims to focus on local news from some major US cities as well as delivering news from smaller towns in the coming months.

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  1. Really nice article. This post shows the new facebook services and features too. This article is really informative. Loved it. Thanks for sharing.


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