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20 apps have changed our lives in the last decade

Over the last ten years, smartphones have evolved considerably to become an essential part of our lives. Since the launch of the App Store and Google Play in 2008, it has grown to include millions of apps that help us connect, meet new people, listen to music, and follow health Fitness, and even experience new games with our friends.

Here is a list of the top apps that have impacted our lives in the last ten years, but this list is not in a particular order.You will also notice that in the case of very similar applications the most popular applications are integrated into that category, and certainly there are hundreds of influential and important applications not included in this list.

1- Instagram application:
Instagram is a communication app that allows you to share photos, videos, but the most important question; why is it on our list today?

It changed the way we deal with images, and for the younger generation changed their eating habits and vacations (where you'll find their accounts teeming with pictures of their meals before eating them, as well as pictures of going out with friends - it has also become an incredibly effective marketing tool over the years and continues to grow.

2- Twitter Application:

Thirteen years after his appearance, Twitter has completely changed the way the world communicates, averaging 6,000 tweets per second, and it's hard to imagine a day when Twitter loses its importance as a valuable communication tool.

If you have been following the news over the past decade, you may have become aware of the power of Twitter and its control of Trends and Daily News. Twitter dominated the headlines in 2009 when an American Airlines plane crashed into the Hudson River because it conveyed news before Traditional media.

3- Facebook Application:

Facebook has become the first social networking app in the world, with about 2.5 billion active users, but will we see its decline in the coming years due to privacy scandals, the flow of fake news, and the political impact it has been accused of since the US elections in 2016, and is still under scrutiny so far?
4- Google Maps and Apple Maps:

Maps apps made it easier for us to move around, and travel to new cities. Now you can travel anywhere in the world without having a good knowledge of this place, just follow the instructions until you reach your destination.

Although Google Maps is more popular, Apple Maps has improved dramatically recently.

5- Spotify application:

When Spotify first appeared in 2011 it had a major impact on the music industry, giving users during its launch access to a huge library of 50 million songs, surpassing its competitors at the time.
Spotify prompted Apple to enter this market with Apple Music in 2015, which now has access to more than 50 million songs, and Google followed up the same year with the launch of YouTube Music.
6- Slack application:

Slack is an instant messaging app, but what makes it different and more effective is how it integrates with other apps to easily keep track of what's happening in your work.
7. Applications of participatory transport:

During this decade, participatory transport applications such as Uber, Lyft, have flourished, making mobility easier and cheaper than ever. The power and impact of smartphone applications has increased with the advent of these companies, and their counterparts around the world such as DiDi in China, Grab in Southeast Asia, and Uber and Lyft now offer 65% more flights than New York City taxis.
8- Venmo application:

Venmo, which has been part of PayPal since 2013, is one of the most popular smartphone apps for easy money transfers and receiving, and you can use it to transfer money between people, to purchase in-app purchases, online stores, or transfer money from Venmo balance to the bank account.
9.Angry Birds, Candy Crush:

Gaming apps have evolved considerably in recent times, but Angry Birds and Candy Crush were among the most popular smartphone games, and have continued to evolve with the times, most recently with Angry Birds AR, which relies on augmented reality.
10- Pokemon Go:
It is the first augmented reality game, and it was a new phenomenon when it was launched in 2016. It also remains incredibly popular to date, with more than a billion downloads earlier this year.
11-From Vine to TikTok:

Vine appeared in 2013 and is developed by Twitter, allows users to create videos up to six seconds and share easily, the beginning was exciting, but stopped in 2016 amid increasing competition, especially from Instagram, was the nucleus of the emergence of short video applications and the latest The dominating TikTok app now.
12- Netflix application:

Netflix is the first video streaming service focused on original content, where you can access a large number of original movies and series constantly, and its apps on iOS and Android let you download most of the series or movies on your phone.
13-Snapchat application:

Snapchat falls under the category of social networking apps, but videos and messages disappear after a certain time, it first appeared in 2011, but its popularity reached its peak between 2013 and 2015, after the addition of video sharing, Snapchat stories, and temporary text messaging.

YouTube has changed the way we handle media files, from publishing regular videos, to original clips produced by professional content makers, and with YouTube's monthly subscription service that removes ads and allows videos to play in the background, you can listen to videos in the background.
15-Phone Payment Applications:

Apps like Google Pay and Apple Pay have changed your payment methods, allowing you to pay at retail or online with just your phone, tablet, or smartwatch.
16-Applications of Voice Aid:

Apple launched its voice assistant Siri in 2011, but the other options that followed have surpassed it, as Google's assistant in particular is more intelligent and pervasive, as is Alexa from Amazon.
17-Video Communication Applications:

Applications such as Skype, Facetime, and Zoom have facilitated video communication, helping to spread teams remotely and increase productivity.
18- Fortnite application:
2018 saw a significant growth in smartphone gaming as was the case with Fortnite and PUBG, and gaming apps are expected to dominate 60% of the app market in 2019.
19- WhatsApp and Messenger:

They are two of the most popular messaging apps, and they do the same thing in a different way. Facebook launched Messenger as a separate app in 2011, and it has become incredibly popular.
WhatsApp is the lightest application that uses less data, and encrypts its messages from end to end, and therefore is more secure than Messenger application, and also more popular with the number of users about 1.6 billion, and the number of messages sent through it to 65 billion messages per day.
20- Google Photos:

Some people may wonder why Google Photos, not Photos and iCloud on iOS? Simply because they are not compatible with other operating systems.
Google Photos runs on Android and iOS, and offers more cloud storage than iCloud, and more powerful search.



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    The technologies changes our lifes but you have forget to speak about Dailymotion in this article.


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  4. Hello,
    The technologies changes our lifes but you have forget to speak about Dailymotion in this article.

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