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Magic Brick Wars Out Now on Google Play

Halfbrick, a notoriously talented developer for Jetpack Joyride and Fruit Ninja, is back with a brand new mobile adventure, Magic Brick Wars.

This is a real-time PvP fighter featuring your favorite characters from the Halfbrick universe. You will collect them as cards, build your own deck, and then head to the arena to fight.

If it sounds like Clash Royale, well, it's because there are similarities. You will place units in an arena and have them fight with your opponents.

However, Magic Brick Wars is much more complex. You will go into a mine to get your hands on resources, for example, and you can place magic bricks in the arena to help your allies and hinder your enemies.

Go to Google Play now and see the latest Halfbrick game. It seems very funny.


  1. Oh my god, i am really happy that this game is released because when I watch its trailer previously, it seems to be very interesting and fun!Can't wait to play it!

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