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Pokémon GO will soon have Buddy Adventure, which will allow you and a friend to play with your Pokémon in AR

Pokémon GO is about to get a whole new feature that will allow you and your friends to play with your Pokémon in the real world using the power of RA.

This feature is called Buddy Adventure and is apparently one of the first new AR features of the upcoming game.

In terms of new features, Pokémon will soon hide in your environment, as if you were behind, if you choose to capture them in AR mode.

You can now use Pokémon GO now on Google Play before changes and new features.


  1. Hello I'm a fan of Pokemon Series, Thank u for share Pokemon Game related post.

  2. A HUGE Pokemon fan. I was originally gonna get Let's go on day one but all that handholding made me rethink my decision.

  3. pokemon go is one of the best phone games today thanks for the information


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