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These errors spoil the search process on Google.

Google has become indispensable in the search for information, whatever you are looking for you will find "Google" offers you the answer in any language, but often will not reach what you want from the search process and this is due to the mistakes you make when doing these the operation.

1- Search the subject once
Searching at Google once, usually is not enough to get you all the information you need, especially if it is a complex or extensive issue, so it is suggested that you perform at least two searches on a particular topic to get a more comprehensive and complete look of the topic at hand, according to What echoed the country echo site "Business Insider".

2- Not specifying the details that you enter in the research
One of the mistakes that Google users make is to enter a very specific query in order to turn to the desired result, but in this case you will not get an accurate answer to what you are looking for. For example, do not search with an average octopus length of 12 cm.It is best to look at what is the average octopus length in which case you will get the correct answer.

3. Use words that search results may not recognize
If you see a search result that looks correct, but includes terms that are unfamiliar to you, don't skip it, but you'll need to do a search for unfamiliar words to find out about.

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