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WhatsApp Business adds a very important property to businesses

WhatsApp has added a new feature to WhatsApp Business, a corporate version of WhatsApp that makes it easier for small business owners to communicate with their customers through smartphones.

The new catalog allows companies to showcase their products and services to potential customers, who can browse photos, view prices and read product descriptions to help them make a purchase.

The site «TechCrunch» that the new feature is a display interface on «WhatsApp», where the user can operate without the need for a web page at all. The company simply has access to the Catalogs option in WhatsApp settings, uploads the images it wants to display to customers with text including product details, features, price, and other information to be delivered to the customer.

TechCrunch added that this feature is especially useful for WhatsApp customers in emerging markets, where users exercise their activities through the application of social networking more than Internet sites, pointing out that most users in these areas have entered the world of Internet and communications Following the decline in popularity of traditional PCs and associated websites, they are more engaged with social networking applications via smartphones or tablet.

Earlier this year, WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, which runs the world's most popular social media network, announced that more than 5 million customers were using WhatsApp Business.

It is noteworthy that the new «catalogs» added to the many features and functions provided by the application «Whatsapp Business» for corporate users such as displaying the profile of the company, and rapid response to messages and naming conversations and sending messages automatically.


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