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Apple shows its position on the annexation of Crimea to Russia on its maps

A company spokeswoman told Reuters on Friday that the company "is closely monitoring how we deal with the disputed borders," after referring to the Crimea, which Russia annexed as part of Russia in the applications of maps and weather for Russian users.

Apple's spokeswoman, Trudy Muller, told Reuters that Apple had not made any changes to its maps outside Russia and made the change for Russian users because of a new law that came into effect in the country.

“We review international law as well as relevant US and other domestic laws before deciding on marking our maps and making changes if required by law,” Mueller said. "We take a deeper look at how we deal with disputed boundaries in our services and we may make changes in the future as a result."

Both Russia and Ukraine were highly sensitive to the way international corporations identified Crimea, where Russian forces seized the territory and were annexed by Moscow in March 2014 after a referendum; Kiev and its Western allies said it was illegal.

It seems that Apple has changed the way it displays sites in Crimea in its software, a reference to Russian politicians who demanded to refer to the peninsula as part of Russia.

Reuters correspondents in Moscow wrote the name of the capital of the Crimean region Simferopol in Apple's maps and weather applications on Wednesday. Users elsewhere - including the Ukrainian capital of Kiev and the Crimea itself - can view sites in Crimea displayed without specifying which country they belong to.

Ukraine's foreign minister, Vadim Beltico, wrote on Twitter on Wednesday: "Apple did not pay attention to the feelings of the country."

The EU and the United States do not recognize the annexation of Crimea to Russia and have imposed sanctions on the peninsula and individuals it accuses of violating Ukraine's territorial integrity.


  1. Just adjusting the map to pre 1954 when Khrushchev the Soviet Leader gave it away for personal political gain. Putin got it back. it was part Russia from 1790s

  2. The reality is Crimea is part of Russia. Google maps has shown Crimea as part of Russia for years. Apple are only now catching up

  3. Ukraine got its territorial integrity after signing and giving up its nuclear weapons. Russia agreed.... So no, crimea is ukrainian. Unless its ok for them to nuclearly rearm, that would be bad for everyone...

  4. Russian money and power is pushing the UK out of the EU; it is very powerful stuff. Their process of annexation begins with destabilisation using home-grown politicians.

    1. This is why your government doesn’t want have strong educational system - Crimea was annexed by communist and now Crimea Returned home!

    2. Historically, Crimea's "Home" was with the Ottoman Empire. Before that, with the Byzantine Empire.

      The tragedies of the 20th century that brought about this latest explosion of bloodshed, lawlessness and hostility were the result of bad acts by some members of both sides of this fight. The people of "the Russian Empire" included many Ukrainians and many Russians -- as well as Poles, let us not forget! -- all the way through the entire society and within all of its geopolitical borders. The daughter of Peter the Great who was the Empress Elizabeth (whose mother was Lithuanian) was lawfully married, by the Church of the time, to her great love & soulmate, the Ukrainian Razumovsky. Undeniably, in her long period as sovereign, he had more influence over the destinies of all the people in that part of the world than any other man. Furthermore, he mostly used that influence for the good of everyone he could help. You cannot separate the "Ukrainian" ancestors from the "Russian" -- or "Polish" -- ancestors of anyone alive today in all of Ukraine & all of Russia. That is a fact people will need to learn to accept, in defiance of the Kremlin mafia, in order to live in peace. As they should and as they must, because they all need each other!


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