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Google adds a feature to warn its users

Google is adding many new features to the Chrome browser to keep its users safe while surfing the Internet.

The tech giant is trying to intensify its efforts to protect users from phishing scams by using a new instant alert system, as Google said in a post yesterday, Tuesday, that Chrome will warn the user, the next time he tries to log into a website, in case His name and password were compromised in violation of the data, and he will be suggested to change passwords.

Google has been working on this feature for a long time, and it has now integrated the feature directly into the browser to show a real-time warning to the user when logging in to a site with a password previously stolen and published over the network.

Google has also developed a "phishing" feature, with a list updated every 30 minutes, to warn users when they think they are about to go to a website that will attempt to steal their personal information.

Google says it will add this new feature, which is based on the company's secure browsing database, to the Chrome browser on the desktop.

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