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Immediately delete these applications from your phone

Experts revealed that apps that appeared in the Google Play store bother users with launching ads even if they don't open them.

The researchers claimed that they found evidence highlighting the application developers use a lot of different tricks, to avoid detection of bugs, and to fill the online store with more than 10 applications to drain the battery, according to Russia today.

Experts working with Bitdefender antivirus provider have reported a number of tactics that developers have used to trick users and avoid being monitored by Google.

These tactics included pausing ads for 4 hours, showing ads at random intervals, and splitting the code into multiple files.

The apps also gave a legitimate look by containing the work icon of the things that they promised in describing "Google Play".

The researchers found 17 examples of these troublesome applications that drained battery life, and said they had been downloaded about 550,000 times.

Once these applications are loaded onto the phone, there is one in 3 opportunities for an ad to appear, every time the device is unlocked.

"Users see multiple ads either when pressing different buttons or even when the app is not open," the Bitdefender report said.

At the time of the publication of the report, Google was said to be removing the 17 apps from the Play Store.

Applications are not technically classified as malware, because their hidden functionality is limited to serving ads.

However, its drain on battery life and the possibility of adding it to other hidden features, prompted Bitdefender to recommend that apps be deleted immediately, which are:

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